Earthlore portrays the tales of the earth – the life, locale and traditional music of the native communities of Kerala’s Western Ghats.

Our indigenous communities are closest to nature and imbibe her essence into their culture and lives. For centuries they have lived in harmony with the earth devising a lifestyle that is not only sustainable but also rich. The raw neural bond the native communities have with the earth pales in the din of modern life and its thinning landscapes. And they express these connections with nature through their songs, dance, and rhythms.

Supported by Experion Technologies and Kerala Tourism, ARPO’s signature project ‘Earthlore’ invites you to listen once more to the ancient sounds with new ears. It is an experimental programme to carry Kerala’s tribal music beyond its borders, to a larger global audience, bringing the indigenous communities to perform alongside artistes from across the world in a rare musical rhapsody.

Be a part of our initiative to preserve Kerala’s unexplored indigenous heritage. Let the ancient sounds not pass, let the forest thrive, let us keep the feast a bit longer for the ears and eyes. 

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