Maaran Pattu: A song from a black magic ritual

  • May 21, 2021
  • 1 min read

Balikkala is a black magic ritual conducted on pregnant women in Malabar with the belief that it helps to get rid of the possessions of ghosts and evil powers on the women. While the ritual was widely practiced in the olden times, still there are people, especially in northern Calcut, who conduct this in their families.

The ritual usually lasts from evening to morning, during which the pregnant woman is made to sit in a Kalam (a shape drawn on the ground with powdery natural colours). 

Majeesh Karayad, a folk singer and a winner of State folklore academy award, sings Maaran Pattu, a song used in this ritual.  Usually the song is sung by women using a brass vessel to beat on with a thick stick to keep the rhythm.

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