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Kalaripayattu: What are the different styles

  • May 14, 2021
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Kalaripayattu: What are the different styles

There are several misconceptions about what all constitute different styles of Kalaripayattu, the indigenous martial arts form of Kerala.

The major three forms of Kalaripayattu, which are distinguished by their attacking and defensive patterns, are Arappa Kayy, Pilla Thangi, and Vatten Thiripp.

We asked S.R.D Prasad Gurukkal, a Kalarippayatt exponent and an author, to explain these different styles and the areas they are practiced. He also says that it is incorrect to classify Kalarippayattu styles as Thekkam, Vadakkal and Madhya Kerala (north, south and central Kerala) styles. 

Prasad Gurukkal is the author of Kalarippayatt Vigyana Kosham, an encyclopedia on Kalarippayatt, which is also often called the mother of all martial arts.

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