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ARPO Conversations: Manu S Pillai

  • December 27, 2021
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Manu S Pillai says his fascination with history began in his childhood as he listened to his grandmother narrating stories of her own family. They were unlike the typical sweet tales of a grandmother. Though the characters of these stories were her own parents and grandparents, she was objective in her narration, treating them as individuals.

“For me this was interesting. That if you could look at your parents and grandparents as individuals, you look at them and their world in a new way. And you become less judgemental,” he says.

“That inspired my narrative”, he adds.

The young best-selling author and historian, who recently published his new book, False Allies: India’s Maharajas in the age of Ravi Varma, spoke to The Archival and Research Project, about how he developed an interest in Travancore history, why the early colonial period where his interest lies is relevant today, how he manages to come out with one book after another on these research-heavy topics, and many more things.

Watch the video for the full conversation.

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